What to Expect on Sundays

North Park is a non-denominational church planted in 1995 on the north side of Fort Wayne.
We are committed to our love of Christ and the authority of His written word.

Discipleship Classes

Sundays at 9am

We offer a handful of adult bible study classes most of which are located in our Education Center.

Children also have their own Bible classes located in our Education Center.
Currently we do not offer classes for older students but they are more than welcome to attend any adult class!
Please don't hesitate to ask for the latest information on our 9am discipleship hour!

Worship Gatherings

Sundays at 10:30am

Our worship service is around 75 mins long. We invite entire families to worship together. Secure childcare and nursery are still available to serve your family.
Our music is usually led by a band but sometimes by just a piano or guitar. Songs range from classic hymns to a wide variety of contemporary worship songs. According to Colossians 3:16 we strive to faithfully sing the truth and wisdom of Christ's words and seek to admonish each other by singing together. 
Our preaching is exegetical. We seek to draw out God's meaning in Scripture rather than inject our own meaning into Scripture. It also means we do our best to examine every verse in our sermon passages even if we cannot fully understand it. The result is that we can then apply God's Word to our lives more precisely as God intended.
Communion (The Lord's Supper) is served by our elders on either the 3rd or 4th Sunday of each month. Anyone professing Christ as their Savior is welcome to join us in communion. On communion Sundays we collect a benevolent offering which is prayerfully designated by our leadership to go directly to physical tangible needs within our community.
Our dress code ranges from casual to formal. Our leadership team is typically found in business casual on Sundays.
We do not currently pass offering plates during service. Giving is collected in a secure box within our main worship center. Giving can also be done online, or by sending directly to our church office.