Sermon Discussion Guide: 3/3/24

Sermon Recap:

Text: 1 John 4:7-5:3

Big Idea: God's love is the most transformative power there is.

Summary: John continues his discourse of God's love at work in His people, which began in 3:11 but has been a recurring theme throughout the entire letter. In the first section (4:7-12), John depicts the source of love as from God—because God is love—and displays the ultimate portrayal of love in God sending His Son to live the perfect life of love and to die for our sins as the ultimate expression of love.

John wants God's love to get deep into our souls. So, he recognizes the essential work of the Holy Spirit in recognizing, understanding, and believing God's incredible love for us. As we grasp His love and walk in His love, we experience the power and presence of God with and in us.

This love, manifest within us, has a number of practical effects in the here and now. It casts out fear of God's judgment or displeasure toward us. It realizes our new nature. It displaces hate. And, it leads us into the "easy yoke" of God's law in which we see how lives of love are good and beautiful—they are what we were made for!

Questions for Discussion:

1. What does it mean that "God is love"?

2. How have you seen or experienced God's love in your life? (Be specific)

3. What is the role of the Holy Spirit in being transformed by God's love?

4. Why is it essential to both know and believe the love that God has for us? What happens if you don't have both?

5. How can you practically order and organize your life to experience God's love at work in and through you?

6. How does God's love free you from fear? Do you struggle with fear at times? If so, what does that look like and how do you deal with it?

7. Do you find God's commands burdensome? Why or why not? Why does John say that they're not and how can we find them to be the "easy yoke"? 

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