Sermon Discussion Guide: 4/7/24

Sermon Recap:

Text: 2 John

Big Idea: How are we to live in the Way of Jesus in these last days? By being together!

Summary: The Apostle John is writing to this local assembly of believers. They likely meet in someone's home. Christianity is just taking off and expanding all over Asia Minor. The New Testament is being written and much of what is written is not readily accessible for instructing the Church. In a number of ways, they are quite susceptible false teachers creeping in and leading them astray from the one true faith.

Thus, out of love, John, writes instructions for this church to safeguard itself. His first encouragement is to walk in truth and love in the fellowship of believers. This is an admonition to remember and hold fast to the teachings that he gave them when they first came to know Christ, which he elaborates on in the letter of 1 John. 

The primary emphasis of the letter is twofold. First, he wants this gathering of Christ-followers to remain devoted to the good of one another—to walk in love as part of their worship to Jesus. The inverse is also true to guard against supporting or endorsing those who propagate false doctrine—primarily false teachings about Jesus or His work. They are to watch themselves and guard against these "deceivers."

Discussion Questions:

1. What was convicting, encouraging, or informative from the teaching of 2 John?

2. The initial question from the introduction was "How are we to live in the Way of Jesus in these last days?" What answers first come to your mind when you hear that?

3. The early church's home church model was described, how did the early church live in a radical new way in that culture that we may take for granted today in highly Christianized cultures?

4. The call to support the church—beyond just writing a check—was encouraged, what ways have you seen this modeled well? What ways do you excel at this? What gifting of yours contributes to this? In what area do you need to grow in this?

5. False teachers were warned against. What does this look like today?

6. The admonishment to "Watch yourself" was given. How do you practically do this?

7. The secular/sacred divide was mentioned as a modern day misunderstanding. What is this and what does this look like in average day conversations or actions?

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