Sermon Discussion Guide: 3/31/24

Sermon Recap:

Text: Luke 24:1-12

Big Idea: Jesus died and rose again for your joy.

Summary: The Gospel accounts of the resurrection are clear and credible evidence of a legitimate resurrection account. The various witnesses, who are named and reputable, along with the earliest written accounts being produced within a few short decades of the event all suggest that this really happened. The resurrection of Jesus is incredibly more verifiable than the existence of Julius Caesar! In other words, the story is true!

But, the truthfulness of Jesus' resurrection only impacts us insofar as it has meaning for our lives. If Jesus was no more than a good example or sacrifice from a moral teacher, then that has little to no bearing on us today. However, if Jesus' death was the avenue for forgiveness and reconciliation between sinful humanity and a holy God, and if His resurrection paved the way for eternal life in the presence of God, then this story is the most important event in history! It is literally life-changing! 

Though the work is done, we all know many who refuse it. To receive the blessing of the gracious gift of new life in and with Christ, it has to be personally received. Every individual must have an encounter with the living God. All must hear and see, all must experience the Gospel truth taking root in his or her life.

Questions for Discussion:

1. What was your journey of processing the validity of the resurrection? Did you ever doubt it? What evidence or arguments were most compelling for you to trust it?

2. Why could this story not be a mere myth? How would that change Christianity?

3. Take time to list all that was accomplished in the universe through Jesus' death and resurrection. (Hint: there is more than forgiveness for your sin, as great as that truth is!)

4. How do you see the cross and the resurrection foreshadowed in the Old Testament?

5. How did you come to know and receive Jesus' work personally? Did you have a time when you "knew the right stuff" but had not experienced a personal encounter with God through His Spirit, as you embraced this reality for yourself?

6. In what ways do you remind yourself of the Gospel beyond Holy Week?

7. Who in your life needs to hear the Gospel? Do you know what barriers they have? Talk about it with your group.

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