Sermon Discussion Guide: 3/24/24

Sermon Recap:

Text: Luke 19:28-44

Big Idea: The King has tears of sorrow.

Summary: This message starts Holy Week, beginning with Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem in the final week of His life. In Luke 19, Jesus reveals Himself as the ultimate prophet, priest, and king. He is revealed as the King as He rides on the colt from the east just as both David and Solomon did, and in fulfillment of the prophecy in Zechariah 9:9. Jesus reveals Himself as the Priest as He enters the temple and cleanses it in Luke 19:45-46. And, Jesus reveals Himself as the Prophet in His weeping over Jerusalem, very similar to Jeremiah, and foretells the impending doom of the city for its rebellion to God.

Throughout this passage, several things are made evident about Jesus. It is clear that this final week was the focal point of Jesus' mission. He was intentional in everything He planned—such as the colt prepared for Him in advance. Every word and every action of Jesus was strategically designed. The focal point of this message, however, was on the heart of Jesus for people. His heart breaks and His tears flow over the rebellion of people, who could have had peace, but instead will reap destruction. Jesus weeps as He proceeds to Jerusalem—the city that will crucify Him. Luke's inclusion of Jesus' tears of sorrow ought to move our hearts in response to the heart of Christ. Even as He knew that He would be crucified by the people, He remained tender-hearted towards them. And, He remains tender-hearted towards us. 

Questions for Discussion:

1. What traditions have you most experienced in church around Holy Week?

2. Was there anything new or anything particularly compelling about revisiting this passage that is familiar to many around this time of year?

3. What thoughts are most precious to you or most comforting in this season of life regarding Jesus' roles of prophet, priest, and king?

4. When you think about how Jesus feels about you, what are your most dominant or prevalent thoughts?

5. Are there any specific ways that you see sin and rebellion to God bringing destruction to lives around you? In your life?

6. What is your response to trying fasting, silence or solitude, or meditation on Scripture in preparing your heart for Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday?

7. How or with whom can you share the hope of Christ with this week or in the near future?

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